Sheridan Leslie Cox - Mendes Prior Fraud

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Sheridan Leslie Cox, renowned worldwide fraudster believed to have benefited illegally in the amount of USD 400 million through boiler room fraud operations in Europe, Thailand and Taiwan.

Mark van Leewarden and Warden Consulting were instructed to represent New Zealand and worldwide groups concerning the fraud offending of Sheridan Leslie Cox. He conducted "boiler room" fraud operations worldwide, including in Europe, Thailand and Taiwan.

Steps were taken concerning the Mendes Prior fraud operation run from Thailand and as a result, Cox was arrested on passport charges traveling into Taiwan. On a number of occasions, negotiations were undertaken with Cox whilst in custody in Taiwan with a view to recovery for New Zealand victims.

Part of the recovery negotiation process involved dealing with the Minister of Justice in Taiwan. The New Zealand Government assisted this process through the Hon. Peter Dunne who attended the meeting. Further steps with other victims were undertaken in South Africa, Hong Kong, London, Singapore and Malaysia.

We continue to receive queries from around the world regarding fraudulent recovery operations associated with Cox.

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