Operation Hunter

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Warden Consulting was involved in the deployment of multiple undercover agents on behalf of NZ Post in an operation coded Operation Hunter.

Between September 2001 and April 2003, Warden conducted an undercover operation on behalf of NZ Post regarding systemic theft suffered by that organisation.

The operation involved the deployment of multiple agents and resulted in the recovery of property and evidence of theft amounting to approximately $1.5 million. Property stolen included passports, credit cards, mobile phones, computers, clothing, jewellery and electronic goods. Offenders included owner drivers, couriers and parcel sorters as well as former NZ Post employees. Receiving and supplying methamphetamine was also uncovered.

The termination was carried out in conjunction with approximately 80 police officers from the Auckland Police with a number of search warrants executed and in excess of 20 persons arrested and charged with a variety of offences.

The trial of the offenders was successfully concluded in the Auckland District Court on 24 January 2005 with only two of the accused going to trial and the balance pleading guilty.

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