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High-risk services depend on professional and attentive staff. This necessity is the basis of the relationship between Warden and Kiwirail.

Since 2010 Wardens has been engaged by KiwiRail to provide security services and consultancy advice. Uniform security guards have been deployed on KiwiRail sites located in the greater Auckland region (e.g. Westfield, Henderson, Papakura, Pukekohe, Ports of Auckland) when passenger fleets are required to be stabled, over Christmas and statutory holiday periods, during special events such as “Christmas in the Park”, “Santa Parade”, “Big Day Out” and other sporting and entertainment events.

Security has been deployed at a number of level crossings following one fatality and serious injury for prevention of trespassers and assistance to pedestrians. Pedestrian and vehicle statistics captured by guards at a level crossing were successfully used by management to secure funding for an additional safety crossing at a site. Wardens Mobile Patrol / Response Teams are deployed to provide an overt deterrent and ability to attend to security incidents as they arise and field information coming to our 24-hour hotline.

Prior to commencement of the 2011 Rugby World Cup, Wardens provided consultancy advice to KiwiRail on Threat Assessment, Counter-Terrorism, Primary and Secondary Service Delivery Recommendations for the Protection of Assets and Securing Infrastructure. This included liaising with the Police Threat Assessment Unit and addressing aspects such as Communications, Education, Signage, Incident Response Protocols (including Police helicopter support) and Policy Development.

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