Undercover Operations

Over 100 Operations
Over 300 arrests
$3 Million Recovered

Our surveillance and undercover operations are tailored to the outcomes you want. From business intelligence to criminal prosecution, each operation gets implemented in a client-oriented way: minimising risk, reducing costs and completing assignments without a whisper of suspicion.

These elements led us to create a dedicated undercover programme based on the New Zealand Police undercover programme principles. It was here that Warden set the precedent for a leading New Zealand Court of Appeal decision in private sector undercover operations.

> Undercover Operations

Workplace issues manifest in different ways, from stock or asset shrinkage, misuse of drugs, fraud, or the manipulation of records – including overtime claims or bonuses. The deployment of a skilled, astute and inconspicuous undercover agent is often the only effective solution.

Through the Warden undercover programme, we have trained 25 undercover agents over 15 years. Warden undertook the first private sector drug operation in conjunction with the Auckland Metropolitan Drug Squad in 2001. Since then the company has conducted 100 operations nationally and internationally, resulting in the recovery of property valued at $3 million and over 300 arrests.

The leading New Zealand Court of Appeal decision in private sector undercover operations was established by a Warden Consulting operation. (R v Karalus CA420/04, 7 June 2005).

From deployment to termination Warden is the only steadfast option for commercial undercover operations.

> Surveillance

We pride ourselves on being New Zealand’s premier surveillance specialists. Our staff have skills and experience from commercial, police and governmental intelligence units.

The key driver for all of our surveillance operations is to minimize risk by identifying areas of vulnerability, misconduct and crime. This approach overarches all of the services we provide from field-based surveillance to international deployments and online research. Our subsidiary, Peelers Investigations, has developed a granular approach to background-checking and tracing services to deploy the right resources to the right places.

Our clients range from corporate clients such as finance companies and enterprises through to small and local businesses. Providing claims validation, evidence for personal disputes and litigation support.

At the completion of the assignment, or during specified intervals, we provide scrupulous and extensive reports. Each of these observation logs — detailing subject movements, interactions and environments — are easy to consume and double as evidence in a court of law. We can also provide signed affidavits, witness statements and our operatives will appear in court as witnesses where necessary.