Investigated 2.5 billion worth of funds
Operations in 11 countries
Utilising legal, police and private sectors

Our blend of investigating lawyers, researchers and intelligence units have recovered over USD 25 million in New Zealand, Australia, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, Latvia, Thailand, Taiwan and the United States.

Investigations conducted include international money laundering operations, employee theft and fraud, cybercrime, international due diligence, corporate and securities breaches, and defence inquiries regarding serious crime. Time, distance, jurisdiction and authorities are at our disposal, not in our way.

> Fraud Investigation

Domestic and international fraud

Warden Consulting has tackled large-scale Ponzi frauds, boiler room operations, advance fee frauds and fraudulent investor schemes, both domestically and abroad.

Fraudsters often work across multiple jurisdictions to prevent apprehension. We counteract this technique by leveraging Interpol, financial institutions, bankers and local police to close cases with maximum return. In any corner of the world.


1. Assemble victim group(s) 2. Secure evidence & financial data 3. Trace offenders 4. Conduct interviews 5. Freeze bank account(s) 6. Distribute funds

> Corporate Investigation

Our Integrated Security & Investigation Model serves as a mini police department for some of New Zealand's leading corporations. We often deploy uniform security guards alongside investigators to create a single mesh of services.

This approach has been developed over many years to mitigate losses, tighten operations and give businesses peace of mind knowing their assets and personnel are always under control.

Our experience spans across the following fields: security consultancy, uniform security personnel, covert operations, intelligence analysis and surveillance.

Money Laundering

The proceeds of crime need to go somewhere and this area of Anti-Money Laundering continues to rise in prominence, particularly in the wake of cryptocurrency. We have experience in dealing with the Police Proceeds of Crime Unit, international banks, policy formulation, cybercrime and the defence of related charges.