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Mark van Leewarden established his first investigation company in 1985 while studying for his law degree. This company was eventually sold and following the management of several investigation companies, Mark went to the criminal and civil bar in Auckland. As a result of practising at the commercial bar as a Barrister, he saw the necessity for a boutique investigation company.

Warden Consulting Limited was incorporated in 1995. Our mission was to provide a blend of investigating lawyers in the absence of an overarching global fraud investigation body.

By conducting undercover operations, the necessity for overt preventative measures appeared. This requirement evolved into establishing an elite uniform security guard service to meet the needs of high-level clients. Implementing these services revealed the unique potential of integrating uniform security services and investigation, an approach we still apply today.

Tying these threads together has given rise to our current services, staff and ethos.

Our Stake

Both our managing director and investigations manager hold practising certificates as Barristers of the High Court of New Zealand. This makes us the only private investigation company in the world with two investigating Barristers on staff.

The company retains national investigation and security contracts with the government and has done so for a number of years.

With expertise in fraud investigation and recovery, we have a proven track record of success getting distribution to victims precedents in the USA and Switzerland. Warden is also the only company in Australasia with a dedicated undercover programme, which has been operational for over 17 years.

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"Every prosecution mounted was successful and I commend the way in which Warden Consulting Ltd conducted their investigations on your behalf and remained committed until the very last Court case. I believe their professionalism, commitment and integrity are the key reasons why these prosecutions were all successful."

Detective | Auckland Drug Squad

"Your team's professionalism, commitment and integrity were indeed to the highest of standards. From the customer point of view, we found you totally flexible and willing to accommodate our needs. Your ability to maintain focus and help with strategic direction throughout the operation was invaluable. The results were outstanding."

National Manager | NZ Post Security & Investigation

"I am writing today to thank your staff members [Uniform Security Guards] for an excellent customer service experience ... their prompt and friendly service was absolutely world class and much appreciated. From a customer's viewpoint, their good work contributes a lot to make CourierPost a reputable household name."

Hui Guo, General Manager | Adelpho Systems Ltd

"Great work in identifying that something wasn't 'right' last night with the guy's behaviour and the recovering of two laptops that he intended to steal. ... In my opinion, the two staff members [Uniform Security Guards] from Warden Consulting that we have working at Fliway are top notch and great to deal with."

Matthew Sheehy, Auckland Operations Manager, Fliway Computer Transport Services

“I have used Warden Consulting to assist with the resolution of two high-value Court cases over the past eight years. Warden's combination of tenacity and focus has greatly assisted with successful outcomes in both cases. In addition, Mark's legal and police background give the company the experience to interface well with both professions. I would recommend Warden Consulting to anyone.”

Murray Haszard, Connexionz Ltd, Developer of "Ghost" Software

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