With two practising lawyers on the staff, we are able to advise and prepare corporate policy documentation around: 


  • Anti-Money Laundering
  • Drugs  
    • Policies that promote a drug-free environment, encourage employees to seek assistance when necessary and outline procedures for appropriate drug testing and control measures.
  • Closed Circuit Television  
    • Policies as to why, how and when covert and overt CCTV is used in the workplace, the appropriate controls and procedures for the use of footage.
  • Security  
    • Outline a brand security programme, how it fits with the corporate structure and operational details.
  • Ethics  
    • Guidelines for appropriate conduct in differing situations designed to promote an ethically aware organisation.
  • Anti-Corruption Policies  
    • The rise of corruption is a blight on government, corporates and in sport. These policies outline what is acceptable, how to report issues, mechanisms to seek help and sanctions for breaches.  We also provide advice on anti-corruption measures and investigations.


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