Warden Consulting has a contractual partnership with NZ Post to provide integrated investigation and security services.  

Our contractual relationship with NZ Post has been on foot for over nine years and is a successful example of the integrated security and investigation model which has been developed by us over many years.  

It is an integrated strategy linked directly to mitigating losses with proactive Uniform Security Guards integrating with Investigators.  This provides immediacy in terms of response and early attention to incidents ensuring early and best evidence.  Analysis of historical data, ongoing investigations, compliance issues, fused with the on-site Uniform Security Guards, security consultancy and crime trends assists in continually formulating strategies and tactics. 

The model practically provides an operational impact on sites including Health & Safety issues, staff performance, a deterrent effect and overall site control.

NZ Post, CourierPost, and its related brands Contract Logistics and Pace, have a zero tolerance to illegal activity and due to the nature of their business (transport of high value freight), theft and other offences are an ongoing major issue and one that they work professionally to remove.  

Our integrated model works exceedingly well in the transport and logistics industry.


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