Mark Bounty HunterThe first investigation company founded by Mark van Leewarden was established in Christchurch in 1985 whilst studying for his law degree.  This company was subsequently sold and following the management of several investigation companies, Mark went to the criminal and civil bar in Auckland. As a result of practising at the commercial bar as a Barrister, he saw the necessity for a boutique investigation company.

Warden Consulting Limited was accordingly incorporated in 1995. The initial concept was to deliver specialised investigation services, incorporating fraud investigation and undercover operations.

Fraud investigations and fraud proceeds recovery, particularly in the international arena, has continued to rise in importance.  This is because there is no overarching global fraud investigation body and success can only be achieved through private sector steps.  A blend of legal and investigative expertise (as investigating lawyers) has proven to be very successful in this area.

By virtue of conducting significant undercover operations, the necessity for overt preventative measures appeared. This requirement evolved into establishing an elite uniform security guard service to meet clients' needs.

The requirement for integration between the uniform security service and investigation steps was seen as a fundamental business model, as it is today.



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