"Every prosecution mounted was successful and I commend the way in which Warden Consulting Ltd conducted their investigations on your behalf and remained committed until the very last Court case. I believe their professionalism, commitment and integrity are the key reasons why these prosecutions were all successful."

Detective | Auckland Drug Squad


"Your team's professionalism, commitment and integrity were indeed to the highest of standards.  From the customer point of view we found you totally flexible and willing to accommodate our needs.  Your ability to maintain focus, and help with strategic direction throughout the operation  was invaluable.  The results were oustanding."   

National Manager | NZ Post Security & Investigation


 "Thank you very much with your help with [name withheld].  You and your team have done a first class job."

John Billington QC


"Pass on our congratulations to the Agent who made amazing progress and penetration considering the short term deployment.  It was a job well done." 

[name withheld]


 "I am writing today to thank your staff members [Uniform Security Guards] for an excellent customer service experience ... their prompt and friendly service was absolutely world class and much appreciated.  From a customer's viewpoint, their good work contributes a lot to make CourierPost a reputable household name."

Hui Guo, General Manager | Adelpho Systems Ltd


"I would like to take this opportunity to commend Nathan [Uniform Security Guard] for his professionalism and attitude ... he is a good Ambassador for your Company."

Julian Moore |Track Field Engineer | KiwiRail


 "Great work in identifying that something wasn't 'right' last night with the guy's behaviour and the recovering of two laptops that he intended to steal. ...  In my opinion the two staff members [Uniform Security Guards] from Warden Consulting that we have working at Fliway are top notch and great to deal with."

Matthew Sheehy, Auckland Operations Manager, Fliway Computer Transport Services


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